Written by Jasmine, Jim and Eric.

The moths have big wings. Did you know that when they come out of their cocoon, the wings on the moth are curled up? The moth must pump special blood into their wings so that it hardens the wings and puffs them out.

The moths have lots of different parts. The abdomen, the true legs, thorax and wings on the thorax. They even have antennas. They are curled up to the sides and have hairs on the antennae. They still have breathing holes and segments, but it is hard to see because they have white fur now.

Did you know that moths mate? They mate by putting their abdomens together, and then a few days later they break up and the girl moth will lay

Did you know that it takes one day to lay the eggs? When they come out of their cocoons, their wings are wet-looking.

Moth with small wings

When the moth first comes out of its cocoon the wings are not pumped up.

Free at last!

"Free at last!"

Free at last 2

As the male moth looks around he asks, "So, when are the females going to hatch?"

Moth 01

"Look at my beautiful fur!"

Hatched cocoon

To escape their cocoon, the moth must dissolve the silk with some special water, then squeeze its way out.

Female side view

This is a female moth. Notice how far her abdomen sticks out between her segments. That's the eggs pushing out! You can see them even more in the picture below.

Female with eggs inside her
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