Written by Filipe, Derek, Matthew and Audire.

We're going to tell you some things of the silkworms. They are an egg, then a silkworm, then they are a pupa, then a moth. We will tell you about the pupa, which they are only for about 21 days.

Did you know that silkworms make cocoons? Do you know what is inside a cocoon? It is a pupa!

If you open a cocoon you will see the pupa inside. It has a new skin called a chrysalis. It doesn't move very much. If you poke it with a pencil it could die. You might think the chrysalis is the pupa, but it isn't. The pupa is the whole thing inside the cocoon when it is metamorphosing.

Do you know how they make their cocoons? They spin their silk from their spinneret. We don't know why some cocoons are white and some are gold, but they are.

Do you know what is happening inside the cocoon? It is called metamorphosis. That is when the caterpillar is changing into the adult, and becomes a moth. Its false legs fall off inside the cocoon.

During this pupa stage, the male does the basic, normal metamorphosis. Although you might think it's the same with the female, it's not. The female makes eggs at the same time. They both make fur, antennae, wings and better eyes. They still have breathing holes, though.

In the story about the silkworm and the princess, people in China discovered silk because a cocoon fell out of a bird's beak from a tree and fell into the princess' hot tea. Then, when she poked it, the cocoon unraveled. The people made silk items by unravelling cocoons.

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Yucky picture!

How do silworms know it is time to spin their cocoon? When they have green stuff in their poop and don't keep the water from the leaves they eat.

Starting cocoon

Here you see the silworm starting the support- threads for its cocoon.

starting cocoon 2
See him spinning his thread inside now.
Cocoon 1.5 Cocoon 2

Cutting open the cocoon.

Cutting Open1 Open cocoon 2
Open cocoon 3

Top view of pupa

Side view of pupa

Pupa -- top Pupa -- side

Bottom view of pupa

Pupa -- bottom (wings)
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