Small silk worms

Written by: Joshlyn, Anamarie, Grace, Vicky and Emily.

The silkworms come from China in the mountains. There is a story about silkworms, a king and his daughter.

The larva hatch from the eggs. A silkworm larva is a kind of a caterpillar, not a worm. They are white and kind of gray. They are black when they are first hatched. When they are big, they eat on the sides of the mulberry leaves instead of on the underside in the middle, like they do when they are tiny. They like to crawl on the stem a lot!

Their six real legs are attached to the thorax. That is the middle section of their bodies. There are false eyes on it with orange stripes. They also have false legs on their abdomen.

Did you know they don't breathe out of their mouth? They breathe out of breathing holes that are on the side of them. Did you know that silkworms only eat mulberry leaves? They even have mouth fingers called mandibles which help them hold onto their food when they eat.

Their silk comes out of their spinneret under their chin. Silkworms only go "number two." They need to keep all the water from the flesh of the leaves they eat because they don't drink any water. You have to give them fresh mulberry leaves every day!

Recently hatched silkworms

Small worms 2
Larva Eating2
Larva fake eye

Notice the false eyes on these silkworms' thorax.

Larva Eating
Larva Full-body

Notice the false legs on the abdomen, the breathing holes on the sides, the true legs on the thorax and the true head sticking out in front.

Click on the picture below to see a short movie of silkworms eating.

Larva Eating Video
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