Eggs 01

Written by James, Alfredo and Gerald.

The eggs are very little, so little that they look just like a dot. If it is still in winter they will not hatch. But in summer they will hatch. We didn't let them hatch because there weren't any mulberry leaves for them to eat (that is the only kind of leaf they will eat). We put them in the refrigerator to trick them. Then when a few weeks were past, we let them hatch because the leaves were growing now.

We found out that as long as it is still warm, the eggs will hatch, even if they are freshly laid that same year. It only took one week for the laid eggs to mature (grow up) and hatch.

That big, round gold thing is the cocoon. The brown and yellow dots are eggs.

Eggs 02

Notice that eggs that are brow or purple are fertilized, and the yellows may not be.

Laying Eggs

Above, you can see the female laying eggs. They always start out yellow, but the fertilized eggs will turn brown, then change to purple in about two days.

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