Silkworms are fascinating creatures. They have been used in schools for uncountable years to teach many skills; from care of delicate creatures, to observation of insect lifecycles. These pages are designed by Greg Kuld, a teacher in Whittier, California, for use by teachers, students, and parents--and aspiring entomologists.
From here you can choose between two sites. The first site was written, organized, and created mostly by students in third grade, several years ago. The second site is a newer site, and was created by myself--though with less "kid-feel" to it--because it was not created by a child.
The information, photographs, and videos were created and copyrighted by Greg Kuld. If you are interested in using anything from this site, please contact --thus far, permission to use materials found here has always been granted. My main request to those contacting me for permission to use my materials is that they do the courtesy of referencing this site. Thank you for visiting. -- Greg Kuld